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2022 Hazardous Materials Training Symposium
The 9th Annual HazMat Training Symposium was hosted January 18-21, 2022 at The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Symposium featured numerous Hazardous Materials/Transportation related Classroom and Hands-On Trainings. In addition, the Symposium hosted a HazMat Competition to test a variety of hazardous materials skills by first responders.

2015 Trainings/Courses


  • 8 Hour Operations Refresher

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Response - Taming the Tiger, Top Ten Tips


  • BioTech IQ

  • Chemical Suicide Response Training


  • Common Sense Isn't

  • Confined Space: HazMat or Technical Rescue? 


  • Connecting the Dots, from Carbon Monoxide to Fentanyl

  • Crazy Concoctions, Obnoxious Odors, and Colored Smoke: Emergencies in the Laboratory ​​

  • Determined Accord, Pandemic Preparedness Workshop


  • Drones for Hazardous Materials Response and Detection


  • Emerging CBRNE Threats and Operational Response Considerations

  • Florida Poison Control Centers: Your HAZMAT Incident Response


  • Foam Application for Transportation Emergencies Involving Petroleum and Polar Solvents Like Ethanol

  • From Grunt in the Suit to Officer in the Seat, NOW WHAT?


  • “Game On! The Florida HazMat Team Competition Overview and Insights”


  • Hazardous Materials from Class B Fires to Fentanyl but..."I'm Not Dead Yet"


  • Hazardous Materials Incident Commander


  • HazIC From Tactics to Team


  • HazMat a VUCA'd Up Response

  • HazMat By the Numbers

  • HazMat Escape Room

  • HazMat Game of Games


  • HazMat IQ: Above the Line/Below the Line

  • HazMat Tech Refresher

  • Hydration, You are Either a Hero or a Hemorrhoid

  • Incident Command & Emergency Response for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

  • Industrial Disasters from Natural to Man Made

  • It's Theoretical: Learning Theories & How to Apply Them

  • Kobayashi Maru​

  • LNG Overview for the First Responders​


  • MC-306 & DOT-406 Gasoline Cargo Tank Emergency Response

  • MC-307 & DOT-407 Cargo Tank Emergency Response

  • Nerve Agents: Origin and Evolution

  • No Static At all: Grounding & Bonding


  • Physical & Chemical Properties For Risk Basked Response 


  • Propane Emergency Response


  • Propane IQ 

  • Rail Car Disasters - Are You Ready? 

  • Refreshing Your Chemistry Knowledge


  • Responding to Natural and Propane Gas Emergencies


  • Risk-Based Response to Battery Emergencies

  • Risk-Based Response to Biotoxin Threats

  • Small Spills - It's Not the Big One But It's Still One


  • Spill to Drill: Management of an Overturned Petroleum Cargo Tank

  • Static Electricity, the Gremlin in Your Response

  • Street Smart HazMat Response - Is It Safe, Unsafe, or Dangerous

  • Street Smart HazMat - 2021 "The Rule of Three - HazMat's Primary Number"


  • The Bomb in Your Backyard Advanced Techniques For Response to Commercial CNG Vehicle Fires

  • The Colormetric Conundrum 

  • The Devil Is In the Details

  • The Lost Art of Recon

  • The Matrix of Detection

  • The Toxic Trio; CO, CN, and H2S

  • The Voodoo of Natural Gas


  • The Wild World of Synthetics 2022

  • Thinking Fast; Rapid Hazard Analysis and Field Screening of HazMats

  • TRANSCAER: Inside the Fenceline: Response To Emergencies at Chemical Facilities

  • Transporting Natural Gas Across Public Roadways

  • Unstable Materials, Monomers, and Organic Peroxides


  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • What Happens When They Park The Truck Dirt Side Up?

  • When HazMat Goes Wrong; Saving Our Own?

  • Xplosives Made Easy



Training/Course Instructors
  • Alvaro Tonanez

  • Andy Byrnes

  • Armando "Toby" Bevelacqua


  • Bill Cullen


  • Brian Ramsey


  • Butch Loudermilk

  • Carl Weeks

  • Cris Aguirre

  • Chris Cahill

  • Chris Davis-Partridge


  • Chris Hawley


  • Christina Baxter, PhD. 


  • Christopher Gould

  • David Binder

  • David Bullard

  • Dave Donohue

  • David William Donohue

  • Dave Wolfe


  • Derek Schaumann

  • Douglas Wolfe

  • Frank DeFrancesco

  • Gary Sharp

  • James Villarreal

  • Jason Waterfield

  • Jesse Crews

  • Jessica Caballero-Ashmeade

  • John T. Emminizer


  • Jon Scheibe

  • Jon Russell

  • Keith Pomeroy

  • Keith Silverman, PhD.

  • Keith Williams

  • Mark Sicuso

  • Michael Moore

  • Michelle Murphy

  • Mike Callan

  • Mike P. Wallace

  • Monique Lewis 

  • Nick Vent

  • Paul Seiferth

  • Richard Gatanis

  • Richard Stilp

  • Robert Bohrer

  • Robert Coschigano

  • Robert Cruthis


  • Roger Windham

  • Ron Holmes

  • Russell MacLees

  • Steve Coffin

  • Steve McCarthy

  • Steven Doyle

  • Tim Dorsey

  • Toby Frost

  • Todd Smith​

  • Tyler Hoke


  • Walter "Tom" Berringer

The 2020 competition was comprised of eight scored and/or timed stations and two unscored support stations.
Competition results can be found below:
2022 orange county.jpg
Team Awards
•    First Place – Orange County Fire Rescue
Team Leader Alexander Ralls-Novo

•    Second Place – Orlando Fire Department
Team Leader Christopher Rodriguez

•    Third Place – Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Team Leader James Brothers


Individual Best Awards

Best Poker Hand – Fergus Kelly – Brevard County Fire (4 Queens/Ace High)

Individual Best Hazard Analysis – Alexander Ralls-Novo – Orange County Fire Rescue

Individual Best Team Leadership – Taylor Evans - Seminole County Fire Dept. 

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